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Mission of Maine EMS


The Maine EMS System was established in 1968 under the direction of Richard Gerry.  Although it was established in 1968, it actually didn't pass legislation until the end of 1969 postponing the starting date to January 1, 1970.  It is the mission of Maine EMS to assure the successful operation of the Maine EMS system through planning, evaluation, coordination, facilitation, and only as a last resort, regulation.  To this end, Maine EMS and its regional councils will coordinate and facilitate the establishment of standards by consensus of EMS system personnel and will promote and enforce those standards.  Maine EMS will strive to facilitate the operation of this system and its personnel through the coordination of provider services and personnel, promotion of the system and recognition of the importance of volunteers to the system.  Maine EMS will develop resources to improve the professional capabilities of team members and to make EMS work safe, healthful, and satisfying.

OUR MISSION  "To support comprehensive emergency medical services, through training, education, quality assurance and system development.  Aroostook Region V EMS will assure quality emergency medical care is delivered throughout Aroostook, Northern Penobscot, and Northern Washington Counties." 

Aroostook Region 5 EMS is one of 6 EMS regions in the State of Maine which covers all of Aroostook County, parts of Washington County, Penobscot County, and Piscataquis County.  It was established in 1980 and has a long history of providing EMS support to Ambulance Services, Hospital, Law Enforcement and Fire Agencies.  We regularly attend the following meetings:  Maine EMS Operations Team, Maine State Board of EMS, MEMS Q/A, Education, TAC, MDPB, Exam Committees, County EMA, LEPC, IMAT, Aroostook County Fire Chief's Assoc, DCC, Healthy Maine Partnerships, Aroostook Domestic Violence Taskforce, Northeast Maine Regional Resource Ctr, & County Health Emergency Planning Committee. 


Regional Coordinator:  Benjamin Zetterman

Fiscal Manager/Administrative Assistant:  Debbie Morgan

Regional Medical Director:  Dr. Beth Collamore

Aroostook Region V Medical Emergency

Services Council Members:

President:  John Labrie

Vice President:  Glen Targonski

Treasurer:  Percy Thibeault

Secretary:  Tim Guerrette

Interim Regional Coordinator:  Debbie Morgan

Regional Medical Director:  Dr. Beth Collamore