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If you are interested in joining the CISD Team, please send us a request using this form stating in the message your interest in joining the team.  Thank you!

The Mission:  Due to the nature of their jobs, emergency services personnel are often exposed to stressful events like:

  • Line of duty deaths and injuries
  • Mass casulaty incidents
  • Police shootings
  • Violence to or death of a child
  • Loss after a prolonged resue
  • Suicide of a service provider
  • Injury or death of a civilian

CISD was designed to provide crisis intervention and crisis education to the emergency services personnel in Aroostook EMS Region 5.

The Goal:  To provide critical incident stress debriefings to the following service agencies:

  • EMS Service - paid or volunteer
  • Fire Service - paid or volunteer
  • Law Enforcement - paid or reserves
  • Spouses of the above personnel, on a case by case basis

Services Available:

  • Pre-incident education - a team member will present about the available service.
  • Defusing - responding to the incident scene for support.
  • Formal Debriefings - meeting with the department to process thoughts, feelings, and reactions
  • Individual consults - debriefings when only a small number of individuals are affected
  • Follow-up Services - on an as needed basis

Accessing the Team:

Stress:  Stress is the psychological and physiological response that happens when an environmental event is appraised as a threat to ones ability to cope. 

The very nature of the emergency services workers' job routinely exposes them to these events, which may be difficult for them to work through on their own.

The Aroostook Region Critical Incident Stress Debriefing Team (CISD) was designed to provide emergency services workers with the tools to deal with the stress of their particular jobs. 

Team Membership:  CISD is madeup of area mental health professionals and peers from various services agencies.  When services are requested, the team will be made up of a mental health professional and at least 2 peers.  If at all possible the peers will come from the same career group as the requesting party.  

Crisis Intervention designed to assist the Emergency Services Workers