Pediatric Emergencies in EMS - CEH until next QA/I meeting

Please review the powerpoint by clicking on the button below.  You move through the powerpoint by clicking on the right side of the slide or using the arrow keys to move it forward or backward.  When you feel you are ready, take the test  by clicking on the test button


Please review the PowerPoint by clicking on the PowerPoint Button.  When you feel you are ready, take the Post test by clicking on the Post Test Button.  After you are done, please fill out the roster and eval sheets and email the post test, roster, and eval sheets to to be graded and uploaded into the CEH.  This is a 2 hour OB/Peds CEH.  Dr. Collamore puts a lot of work into these to provide you with free education so PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity. 

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The purpose of the Powerpoint Presentations and the tests that will go with these presentations, is to help reinforce what you have learned and to be a refresher for you.