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(Quality Assurance and Improvement)

As part of the Maine EMS Statewide Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/I) program, we have established a regional QA/I committee for the purpose of facilitating communication between hospitals and EMS services, disseminating QA/I program related education and training, and coordinating QA/I audits and studies. Our regional QA/I committee will be comprised of, but not limited to, the following:

-  ED medical directors from the four regional hospitals (NMMC, Cary Medical Center, Northern Light A.R. Gould, Houlton Regional Hospital) or their designees.

-  ED Nurse Managers from each of the four regional hospitals or their designees.

 - A representative of the QA/I committee of each ambulance service in the region.

-  A representative of the QA/I committee of each First Responder Service that lists an ambulance service from #3 above as their transporting agency.

-Region V Coordinator

Region V Administrative/Fiscal Assistant

-Region V Medical Director

Role of the Regional QA/I Committee

The committee will meet monthly then possibly quarterly. EMS Services will be required to send at least one member of their service QA/I committee to 75% of the scheduled quarterly meetings. The agenda for the meetings will be left to the Regional Committee, but every effort should be made to include the following content: • Review of regional and statewide QA/I Audits.

• Presentation of education that is developed as part of QA/I efforts.

• Updates on regional and state QA/I committee activity.

• Communication between EMS services and the hospitals regarding operational issues.

• Local case reviews including, but not limited to any unanticipated event resulting in death or serious physical or psychological injury to a patient or patients, not related to the natural course of the patient's illness

Continuing Education credits will be available for these meetings. The sub-regional QA/I committee will also designate a representative to the regional QA/I committee.

 Mandatory Participation

Services will be required to send a representative from their service QA/I committee to at least 75% of the scheduled quarterly meetings. Attendance will be taken at each meeting, and services that are not in compliance will receive a letter from the Regional Medical Director reminding them that participation in the regional QA/I committee is a condition of licensure and that further non-compliance will result in referral the Maine EMS investigation Committee.

The QA/I Committee met on Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 8:30 am in the EOC on High Street, Caribou, ME.  The minutes from this meeting will be forthcoming soon and posted on this page.

The next meeting is Thursday, August 8, 2019 at 8:30 am at the Parks & Recreation Center on Bennett Drive, Caribou, ME.

The Aroostook Region V QA/I Committee met on Thursday, March 14, 2019.   The committee  went over the minutes from the last meeting and voted to approve them.  Dr. Collamore went over the IFT Orders and it was voted on to send them out to three of the four hospitals to start using.  TXA was the quality indicator for the past month to be reviewed.  We had participation from six services but we need to have all the services using the TXA form as it was discussed to keep this as the quality indicator until the next meeting in April.   The TXA Quality Review form can be found under this heading by clicking on Forms.   We are working on a new TXA Quality Review form and will let you know via email when we are done with it.  The next online CEH Opportunity is EKG Basics.  Dr. Collamore has put together another powerpoint with a post test to take after reviewing the powerpoint. This will be 1 Hour of ABC CEH.  We are also keeping the  "EMS Documentation or....Death by Paperwork" powerpoint up and test for 1 Hour of CEH which can be found by clicking on the Powerpoint heading under QA/I.